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TODAY'S MASS: We are presented in the Gospel with a contrast between the dignitaries of the temple, parading in their splendour, and the least of the least. These little coins of the widow are called lepta, meaning 'light,' hardly more than shavings of copper, hardly worth picking up. Yet the value of a gift depends not on its absolute worth, but in the love with which it is given. The value of a birthday present depends on the love which it expresses, and the care which has gone into choosing or making it. One can imagine the widow debating with herself: If she made this supreme gift to the Lord, could she survive without these two little coins. What would she have to go without? As with the Sidonian widow in the first reading, this paltry gift is a rich expression of the widow's trust in divine love and care, and of her wanting to do something for the Lord. The little gift would go unnoticed among the riches of the exquisite and lavish Temple building, for its splendour was the wonder of the eastern Mediterranean, but her offering is a heartfelt expression of her love. Just so with our prayer of praise: it is the joyful outpouring of our love.  (Fr. Henry Wansbrough, osb)

GOSPEL LESSON: The widow gave everything she had. Perhaps we could do an errand for an elderly person, spend a little time with somebody who is usually alone or bring a little extra for the Food Bank. There are all sorts of different ways to 'be the widow.'

WEEKLY PONDER:  What gift could you give to the Lord?  (Fr. Henry Wansbrough, osb)

SAINT THIS WEEK: Saturday is the feast of St. Hilda of Whitby. She was born in Northumbria and baptised as a child by St. Paulinus of York. She became a nun at the age of 33, eventually becoming Abbess of Hartlepool before moving to the double monastery at Whitby, which under her rule became a great centre of learning, literature and the arts. She was renowned for her wisdom and was often consulted by bishops and kings. She hosted the Synod of Whitby of 664, which decided that the Church in England should follow the Roman rather than the Celtic ecclesiastical tradition. She was sympathetic to the Celtic tradition but accepted the decision of the synod. She died at Whitby in November 680. (Universalis)

YOUCAT:  (Question 328) What can the individual contribute to the common good? Working for the common good means assuming responsibility for others.

THE POPE: “Once more Jesus Christ reveals to us the full meaning of the Scriptures. 'You shall not steal' means 'love with your goods, profit by your means to love as you can. Then your life will become good and the possession will truly become a gift. Because life is not a time for possessing but for giving.'”

WEEKLY BIBLE: Be joyful. Try to grow perfect; help one another. Be united; live in peace, and the God of love and peace will be with you.  (2 corinthians 13:11)

WEEKLY PRAYER: Father, Creator of all that is good, you have called men to work in your world, and by their cooperation to better the condition of mankind. Grant that we may always work together as children of your family, and love all people as our brothers and sisters.  (Family Rosary)

A SHORT MEDITATION: There are more people on this planet outside the Church than inside it. Millions have been baptised, millions have not. Millions participate in the celebration of the Lord's Supper, but millions do not. The Church as the body of Christ, as Christ living in the world, has a larger task than to support, nurture, and guide its own members. It is also called to be a witness for the love of God made visible in Jesus. Before his death, Jesus prayed for his followers, “As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.”  (John 17:18). Part of the essence of being the Church is being a living witness for Christ in the world.  (Henri Nouwen)

SAINTLY GEMS: We are all flowers planted on this earth, which God plucks in His own good time: some a little sooner, some a little later. One is a blushing rose, another a virginal lily, a third a humble violet. Let us all try to please our sovereign Lord and Master by the gift and the fragrance He has given us.  (St. Theophane Venard)

God of the eternal banquet, your Word makes us recognise the ever-open invitation to your banquet, awaiting our RSVP. Help us to lay aside our excuses and to say “yes” to your invitation to dine with you.  (Daily Family Prayer)

The first thing you have to consider in prayer is your union with God.  (Blessed Francis Palau y Quer)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Let us press on towards the future God has envisioned for us and for the Church. It is time for us to become a people of possibility again.  (Matthew Kelly)

If Jesus is God in the flesh, and has the power to take our broken past and set it aright, then we can trust that he is going to bring us to a greatness of living that can honestly be termed, 'abundant life.'  (Chris Padgett)

SYNOD MEETING AT LEYLAND: There was a great turn-out, as there has been in other parts of the Diocese. Thank you to our 14 who turned up. Where do we go from here? Watch this space! Thanks again.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY:  We remember the people of all Wars who have died so that we could all have our freedom. We think especially this year of one hundred years since the end of the First World War.

CHRISTMAS FAIR:  It is only three weeks away. Please fill THE BOX with suitable gifts. It will be a great help if you can run a Stall and help to set up on Saturday, 1st. December.

GRAND CHRISTMAS RAFFLE:  Thanks for donating prizes. Can you deliver your's to the Presbytery by 25th. November please.

THE GENEROSITY OF PARISHIONERS:  As mentioned last weekend, we were given £10,000. The people do not wish to be known, but I expressed our very sincere thanks.

TERRY EDWARDS:  Terry's Family wish to thank all those who turned out for Terry's Funeral last Wednesday; your presence was much appreciated and brought them much comfort.

PLEASE REMEMBER:    Your daily Rosary

                                         Chorley Food Bank

                                         High quality clothing for the Preston Refuge. You will be clearing wardrobes ready for Christmas!

ADVENT CALENDARS: These are on sale at the back of the church.

Please pray for Pope Francis, Benedict XVI and Archbishop Malcolm McMahon                                                  

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Week 32 Year B   ,  11th November 2018

Hand in hand with Jesus

25th. Sunday after Pentecost

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