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Fr. Peter Charles Crowther, obl.sbso | The Presbytery, Bury Lane, Withnell, Chorley, PR6 8SD | Tel 01254 830 995 | Reg Charity: 232709


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TODAY'S MASS: It is encouraging to think of all the talents which friends and neighbours have and which I don't have. It is all part of the gifts of the Spirit, which Paul sees as making up the whole Body of Christ. Everyone has a special contribution to make. As for me, it is extraordinary that God created me with all my twists, defects, fears and failures, and it is precisely because of those boils, sores, abscesses that God loves me, helps me and guides me to work out my salvation. And it is just possible that there may be friends who can think that God has given me talents which make a tiny contribution to the happiness and goodness of the world. In the longer version of this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus mentions a man with just one talent who hides it in the ground: the master calls him 'wicked and lazy' and has him thrown out. Why is he so severely treated? This is surely someone who resolutely turns his (or her) back on the goodness he (or she) has received and refuses to work with it for the Lord's purposes or for anyone else's. Such a talent goes to waste and merely rusts and corrupts. If I know anyone like that, it is just worth asking whether, with infinite and patient kindness, I can help that person to release their talent and bring it to blossom. (Fr. Henry Wansbrough, osb)

GOSPEL LESSON: Just think for a moment: what is your best talent? Is it a gift, skill or humour which brings joy and happiness to those around you? Are you like the man who buried his talent in the ground, or do you use this skill or gift or wisdom to bring joy to others?  (Fr. Henry Wansbrough, osb)

WEEKLY PONDER: Proverbs reminds us of “The Perfect Wife.”  Thessalonians reminds us to 'stay awake' through our manner of life, so that we will be ready when the Lord calls.

SAINT THIS WEEK: Saturday is the feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria. This martyr was a learned woman of the early fourth century, who, following her conversion at the age of eighteen, preached the Gospel throughout Alexandria in Egypt. While imprisoned by the Emperor Maximus, she converted both the empress and the leader of the armed forces and for this she was martyred, according to tradition, on a spiked wheel. When this broke she was beheaded. Venerated as the patron of philosophers and preachers, the city of Bath also adopted her as its patron. As her symbol was the wheel, she became the patroness of spinning; a suitable heavenly guardian for a medieval cloth-making town. (Archdiocesan Ordo)

YOUCAT: (Question 287) But doesn't 'freedom' consist in being able to choose evil as well? Evil is only apparently worth striving for, and deciding in favour of evil only apparently makes us free. Evil does not make us happy but rather deprives us of what is truly good. It chains us to something futile and in the end destroys our freedom entirely.

THE POPE: Pope Francis has decided to ban cigarettes from the Vatican come 2018. The Holy See cannot profit from a proven health hazard, he said. Vatican Employees can get cheap cigarettes which undercut the prices in Italy.

WEEKLY PRAYER: Lord God, thank you for loving me even when I turn away from you. I am grateful for your constant care and concern. Though I feel unworthy of Your great love, I thank you that through my weakness You give me strength, and in my wandering You show me the way. (Hazelden)

WEEKLY BIBLE: Remember your leaders, who preached the Word of God to you, and as you reflect on the outcome of their lives, imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same today, as he was yesterday and as he will be for ever.  ( Hebrews 13:7-8 )

MINUTE MEDITATION: O God, as the day returns and brings us the silly Rounds of irritating duties, help me to perform them with laughter and a kind face. Let cheerfulness overflow in my work; give me joy during my business all of this day; bring me to my resting bed tired and content and grant me the gift of sleep.  (Robert Louis Stevenson)

JUST A THOUGHT: To train a citizen is to train a critic. The whole point of education is that it should give a man abstract and eternal standards, by which he can judge material and fugitive concerns.  (G.K. Chesterton)

SAINTLY GEMS: The bread you store up belongs to the hungry. The cloak that lies in your chest belongs to the naked. The gold you have hidden in the ground belongs to the poor.  ( St. Basil the Great )

Spare me through your mercy, do not punish me through your justice.  (St. Anselm of Canterbury)

ALBINO LUCIANI: He was Patriarch of Venice and was elected Pope in August 1978. He became Pope John Paul I; the Smiling Pope, who died after only 33 days in office. His cause for canonisation has been accepted by Pope Francis and he will soon be beatified leading to his eventual sainthood; great news. His predecessor Blessed Pope Paul VI is due to be canonised fairly soon. He was the Pope during my priestly studies in Rome. Good news about the Smiling Pope though, because he brought a little humanity to the papacy. Some of his family are still alive and talk about his humility and holiness.

DEACON ANDREI: Deacon Andrei who was over with Bishop Gregori in the Summer, was ordained a priest by Bishop Gregori in the Ukraine last Wednesday. Please remember him and his family in your prayers. Both will be with us at Christmas, God willing.

CHRISTMAS: I am saddened by the lack of the true meaning of Christmas in all the television adverts that I have seen so far. Please make sure that the Birth of Jesus is not forgotten in your Christmas preparations. Perhaps you could send religious Christmas cards and put a religious stamp on the envelopes; the Post Office has produced both religious and secular stamps.

CHRISTMAS FAIR: Only two weeks away now. Keep filling up the Green box with suitable items please. Encourage families and friends to support us.

CHRISTMAS CHARITIES: Food for the Chorley Food Bank. Clothing for the Preston Refuge.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: I know, we get fed up with these words, but as custodians of public buildings, we priests have to enforce the Rules and Regulations, and rightly so. Can I please ask you to be careful when you are bending down to get votive lights; don't stand too close to the tray with lit lights on it. Could I also ask parents not to allow children to light Votive Lights; please do it for them. Another issue is the continuous safety of our children on the car park!

PRESTON REFUGE: We took loads of bags of clothing etc. last Wednesday. The Organisers are so grateful to you all for your generosity. Good quality bedding and towels are needed. Leave at the back of the church. Thanks.

CHRISTMAS FAMILY MASS HERE: Christmas Eve at 4.30pm.  Christmas Morning at 10.00am.

THE PRAYER HABIT: Prayer is a habit worth getting into. Communing with God at a similar time, or times, every day brings us power for daily living and provides us with a spiritual reserve. Daily contact with God gives us special insights into our own actions, and helps us look with love on those around us.  (In God's Care by Karen Casey)

PIOUS LISTS: These can still be placed in the box at the front of the church.

THE HOLY ROSARY:  Try and say some Rosary every day, and offer it up for World Peace.

OH DEAR, DEAR, DEAR: Greggs have produced their first ever Advent Calendar. One picture shows the shepherds paying homage to a giant sausage roll in a manger!!!!!! I don't think it funny, but it shows where things are heading. Make sure you buy a religious Advent Calendar which looks forward to the Birthday of Jesus; the Saviour of the World.

Please pray for Pope Francis, Benedict XVI and Archbishop Malcolm McMahon                                                  

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