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TODAY'S MASS: Like any good teacher, Jesus used pictures or parables. Ever heard the one about the elephant and the wasp? Or electricity like a toy train going round a room? Anyway, for the next three weeks we have some of these pictures, to show us what Jesus is trying to do. This first one is rather sad. Whatever the sower does seems to fail: seed pecked up by birds, scorched by the sun, choked by thistles. What are my pecking birds, my scorching sun, my choking thistles which annnihilate the seed Jesus sows in me? It is probably different for every one of us. But some, just a little, of the seed bears a fantastic harvest. There must be something I can show to the Lord with pride and gratitude: 'Look, this is the seed you gave me; it has grown, developed, and here is your harvest.' Jesus too, reflected on his mission to establish his Father's sovereignty on earth. Jesus, too, may well have wondered if he was getting anywhere. It was only when he had failed utterly, alone, deserted and tortured, that his perseverance won the crown. Jesus does not want the successful. He wants the failures as his followers, and that is where the harvest lies.    (Fr. Henry Wansbrough, osb)

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The Parable of the Sower is told twice, in an original form and in a later Church interpretation. The explanation tends to dominate our reading. ; but it might be worthwhile allowing the original parable to “speak.” It tells of small, even careless beginnings  -  the sower scatters all over the place. As we see in nature, tiny seeds have an astonishing, miraculous effect. Go back over your own experience and recall something which began modestly but which in the end grew surprisingly. The reign of God is like that; the modest beginnings of Jesus' own preaching had tremendous effects.  (Fr. Kieran O'Mahony, osa)

PRAYER: God of the heavens, God of the earth, all creation awaits your gift of new life. Prepare our hearts to receive the word of your Son, that his gospel may grow within us and yield a harvest which is a hundredfold.   (Fr. Kieran O'Mahony, osa)

WEEKLY PONDER: which kind of soil are you? Are you a mixture? Is there room for improvement?? Perhaps the Holy Spirit can be the 'rain' to assist the less fertile to become more fertile and receptive.

SAINT THIS WEEK: Monday is the feast of St. Henry. This Holy Roman Emperor was born in Bavaria in 973. He succeeded his father Henry the Quarrelsome as Duke of Bavaria in 995, becoming Emperor in 1002. A main political aim was to unite the German Empire, and this he largely achieved. However, he used the Church for political ends but, after being crowned by the Pope in 1014, he restored property and wealth in several Sees and founded that of Bamberg where he built both the cathedral and a monastery.

YOUCAT: (Question 397)  What does Jesus think about nonviolence? Jesus places a high value on nonviolent action. He commands his disciples: “Do not resist one who is evil. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other side.”  (Mt. 5:39)

THE POPE: In focusing on the role of cooperatives in the fight against climate change, the Pope said, “In some places cooperatives are being developed to exploit renewable sources of energy which ensure local self-sufficiency. They can make a real difference in the fight against climate change, thanks to a strong sense of community and a deep love for the land.”

MEDITATION:  A believer of the first centuries wrote, “Don't be anxious.” (2 Philippians 4) When we entrust to Christ the worries that keep us far from him, he enables us to discover this reality: “In calm and trust will be your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15)

WEEKLY BIBLE: You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.   (Galatians 5:13)

SAINTLY GEMS: If he doubts, he wishes to be certain; if he doubts, he thinks; if he doubts, he knows that he does not know.  (St. Augustine of Hippo)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  When we start asking God for advice, direction, inspiration, and guidance, this is a significant moment. It marks a real shift in our spirituality.   ( Matthew Kelly )

God gave us two ears but only one mouth. Some say that's because God wants us to spend twice as much time listening as we do talking.  (Anonymous)

We are not in control. God is. Forget that, and we will lose our way and our lives to fear and anxiety.   (Chris Stepien)

SEA SUNDAY:  Today should be Sea Sunday, but because of present uncertainties, it has been postponed until December.

PRIESTLY SILVER JUBILEE:  Fr. Kenny Hyde celebrated his Silver Jubilee last week. It completely went out of my mind, and so apologies to Fr.  I will celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving for him next Sunday.  He is at St. Gregory's at the moment but will be moving to Skelmersdale In September. He has been a great help to the Dean during these turbulent times.

MASS TIMES:    St. Gregory's:  Sunday 9.30am.      Weekdays:  8.30am.     (Livestreams as usual)

                           St. Mary's:  Vigil 5.00pm.  Sunday 10.30am.    Weekdays:  Mondays – Fridays inclusive NOON.

                           You will need to wear a mask and give personal details because of  track and trace.

COLLECTIONS: These are down by 80%!!  Please download and fill in the Mandate Form if you can, and Gift Aid it if you pay Tax. Closed churches do not help, and we don't know how the rescinding of the Sunday Mass Obligation is going to affect us.

FIRST COMMUNIONS:  Celebrations of the past are over; the receiving of Our Blessed Lord is more important than the clothes and the meals out etc.  C19 has caused a re-think even over this.  Those who are due to make their First Holy Communion can do so by going to one of the churches that are open, unless you want to wait until we are open again.

CHORLEY FOOD BANK:  We are open again for Food.  Any contributions can be left inside the Presbytery porch between Mondays and Fridays  10am. - 4pm.  Very sincere thanks. School holidays begin on Friday and so there will be a great demand for food and toiletries.

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Ordinary Week 15 A  , 12th July 2020

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A Catholic Survival Guide for the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, by Deacon Nick Donnelly (Part One)


DIRECT DEBIT MANDATE:   During the Lockdown, we still need to keep our Parish funds afloat. You can use the Direct Debit Mandate. Download the Form and fill it in and then send it to your Bank. Make sure you put the Parish number 102 on the Form and the Account Number. Let Kath Clemson know any change of amount so that she can adjust the Gift Aid Records. You can get Kath on 01254 831 624. Download form here!