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QUICK GOSPEL: Mark's Gospel relates how Jesus sends out his disciples to teach his message of love and forgiveness. Carrying nothing but a staff they are to trust that they will find welcome and hospitality in many places, and stay undeterred by the rejection they will find elsewhere.   ( St. Beuno's Outreach )

ST. BEUNO'S PREGO THEME: This week we pray for the wisdom and insight to recognise the call of the Lord in our own lives. However ill-equipped we might feel, we ask for the courage and strength to step out, safe in the knowledge that we are never alone and that God will provide for us.

GOSPEL FOR THE FAMILY: Today we see the Twelve chosen by Jesus; Simon Peter, James, John......as freshmen  in their young vocations as Apostles. Jesus has chosen them to live with Him, to form them and, thus, all together, to spread the Good News of Salvation. Moreover, the Lord gives them strength to heal the sick and cast away demons. What a joy! God has saved me and wants to count on me to stand by others; friends, relatives. To keep their company along the good paths in this life, on our way to eternal life. ( evangeli.net )

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The handing on of the faith; evangelisation to use a technical term; is the task of everyone in the Church today: family members, catechists, pastoral workers, the ordained. It is our great challenge and the one thing necessary. And yet, who dares today to take up such a role? Our Gospel portrays key dimensions: the sense of being sent or called, the choice of life-style based on that of Jesus, the confidence to face not being made welcome and yet to continue for the sake of the joy of the Gospel.   ( Fr. Kieran O'Mahony, osa )


PRIESTS IN RETIREMENT:  We should have had this collection last Sunday. As mentioned last Sunday, there will be a retiring Collection today. Please be as generous as you can; it helps our priests who have retired after many years of faithful service to the Archdiocese.

TAIZE: Jesus, Love of all loving, you were always in me and I was forgetting you. You were in my heart of hearts, and I was looking for you elsewhere. When I kept myself far from you, you were waiting for me. And now I dare to tell you: “Christ you are my life.”

SACRED SCRIPTURE: May the word of Christ dwell in you in all its fullness.   ( Colossians 3 )

SAINTLY GEMS: Whenever we make the effort to return to the source and to recover the original freshness of the Gospel, new avenues arise, new paths of creativity open up, with different forms of expression, more eloquent signs, and words with new meaning for today's world.   ( Pope Francis )

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: You can miss-live your life. All it takes is the consistent application of mediocrity, laziness, procrastination, obsession with material possessions, and self-centredness.  ( Matthew Kelly )

NEWLY ORDAINED PRIESTS: To those ordained by the Archbishop in the cathedral yesterday; many congratulations!!

SEA SUNDAY: Today is Sea Sunday. Our Archdiocese is heavily involved with the sea because we cover part of the north-west coast plus the Isle of Man. Please remember all seafarers in your prayers today and those who work for the Apostleship of the Sea. Any money donations can be sent direct to Liverpool Seafarers Centre, 20 Crosby Road South, Liverpool L22 1RQ

LOURDES PILGRIMAGE:  Friday of this week until Friday 26th. July. We can join in with the pilgrims by reciting our daily Rosary, especially for the sick and infirm. Remember the young people who do a great job caring for the sick pilgrims in various ways. God loves a cheerful giver.

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DIRECT DEBIT MANDATE:   During the Lockdown, we still need to keep our Parish funds afloat. You can use the Direct Debit Mandate. Download the Form and fill it in and then send it to your Bank. Make sure you put the Parish number 102 on the Form and the Account Number. Let Kath Clemson know any change of amount so that she can adjust the Gift Aid Records. You can get Kath on 01254 831 624. Download form here!


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Week 15B    ,  14th. July, 2024

8th. Sunday after Pentecost

Sea Sunday

Hand in hand w1ith Jesus         Rosary for world peace please.






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