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Please pray for Pope Francis, Benedict XVI and Archbishop Malcolm McMahon                                                   

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TODAY'S MASS:  Just before today's reading, Jesus has warned in St. Luke's Gospel about the peril of worldly possession. This is a danger about which Luke, writing to a prosperous audience, continually reminds his audience. Then Jesus issues  a list of exhortations to be alert for the final meeting with the Lord, and a series of blessings on those who are so ready. Luke does not have a great scene of a universal final judgement (as Matthew's Gospel does with the parable of the sheep and the goats). For Luke there is no need to wait for a great final judgement scene at the end of the world; instead, with his Greek frame of mind, he is more interested in the individual judgement (for each of these parables concerns a single individual who is rewarded or punished). This is fully compatible with the notion that each individual's final judgement is at death rather than all together at the end of the world. Most wonderful and startling is the promise (suggested by today's parable) that, after the Master's return at the judgement, he himself will serve the faithful servants. (Fr. Henry Wansbrough, osb)

MASS READERS:  If you cannot read on a particular Sunday, please arrange for somebody to take your place and then alter the list on the Notice Board, putting in the name of the Substitute. Thank you.

GOSPEL  LESSON:  To try our best to live our faith by our actions every day.  (Liguori Publications)   

SAINTLY GEMS:  Seek grace in the smallest things, and you will find also grace to accomplish, to believe in, and to hope for the greatest things.  (St. Peter Faber)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Were you drawn into  a relationship with God early or late in your life? Are you feeling called to a deeper connection with Him right now?  Perhaps this is a special moment of grace for you.  (Matthew Kelly)

SACRED SCRIPTURE: Let your heart remain constant in the adoration of God, for there is a future and your hope will not come to nothing.  (Proverbs 23)

A PRAYER THIS WEEK:  Christ Our Lord, you suffered and were tempted. You are powerful to come to the aid of those who are assailed by the devil, for you are the support of Christian people.  O Lord, protect with Your Right Hand those

who trust in Your Name. Deliver them from the Evil One, and grant them everlasting joy.   ( Taize )

THE ASSUMPTION:  Thursday is the Solemnity of the Assumption and a Holy Day of Obligation when we are bound to go to Holy Mass.  Mass here is a Vigil Mass, Wednesday, at 7.00pm.  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from 6.15pm.

Mass at St. Mary's at noon on Thursday.

POPE ON THE ASSUMPTION:  The Assumption of Mary is a great mystery which regards each one of us, it regards our future. Mary, in fact, precedes us on the path walked upon by those who, through their baptism, have bound their life to Jesus, as Mary bound her own life to him.

Lately Deceased

Fr. Peter Charles Crowther, obl.sbso

01254 830 995

Email: moorlandsanctuary@gmail.com   

Parish Administrator and Catechist: Jane Gilbertson, B.Ed. (Hons), B.Sc. (Hort), CTC.

Week 19 Year C   ,  11th August 2019

9th. Sunday after Pentecost      

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