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Please pray for Pope Francis, Benedict XVI and Archbishop Malcolm McMahon                                                   

Liverpool Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool Reg. Char. 232709



TODAY'S MASS: This is the turning-point of Mark's Gospel. Till now, the stories we have heard have all spoken about ever-increasing wonder and amazement at Jesus' personality, his goodness and his authority. But even his closest disciples do not seem to have seen what this means. Then suddenly Peter comes to the realisation that Jesus is the Messiah, the Anointed of God, for whom everyone was waiting. However, Peter still does not understand what this implies. Jesus is not a conquering political hero, who will simply wipe out all opposition by overwhelming force, and make every path smooth and gentle. Jesus begins to show his disciples that the road to fulfilment is through suffering. Jesus repeats this prophecy of his suffering, death and resurrection another two times, and on each occasion the disciples fail to grasp the lesson: first it's Peter, then the disciples who are arguing about precedence, and finally the two sons of Zebedee who want the best places for themselves. So three times Jesus repeats that if you want to follow him you must follow him to the Cross. Nor are we, later followers of Jesus, any quicker than the first disciples to learn this lesson if we greet any suffering that comes our way with indignation and evasion.  (Fr. Henry Wansbrough, osb)

GOSPEL LESSON: We all get angry with the Lord just as Peter did, especially when we feel badly done to. At such a time it is good to find an icon of the Lord and tell him your thoughts and even be open for a reply or two!  ( CNS)

WEEKLY PONDER: Why does Jesus rebuke Peter so fiercely?  (Fr. Henry Wansbrough, osb)     

SAINT THIS WEEK: Wednesday is the feast of St. Theodore of Canterbury. He was born at Tarsus, in modern Turkey. A Greek by birth, he became a monk in Italy. He was not ordained a priest until at the age of 65 he was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury by Pope Vitalian. He arrived in England in 669 and spent the rest of his life reorganising and reforming the life of the Church throughout the country, holding visitations and synods, establishing new dioceses and a great school at Canterbury, and reconciling divisions between the Celtic and Roman ecclesiastical traditions. He is remembered for his scholarship and for bringing unity and organisation to a divided church. He died in 690.  (Universalis)

WEEKLY BIBLE: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.   ( Psalm 119)

MEDITATION: To bless means to say good things. We have to bless one another constantly. Parents need to bless their children, children their parents, husbands their wives, wives their husbands, friends their friends. In our society, so full of curses, we must fill each place we enter with our blessings. We forget so quickly that we are God's beloved children, and allow the many curses of our world to darken our hearts. Therefore we have to be reminded of our belovedness and remind others of theirs. Whether the blessing is given with words or with gestures, in a solemn or informal way, our lives need to be blessed lives.  (Henri Nouwen)

SAINTLY GEMS: The Consecrated Host is a miracle of love; it is a prodigy of love; it is a wonder of love; it is a complement of love; and it is the most finished proof of His infinite love towards me, towards you, towards mankind. (St. Gabriel Brochero)

God does not require that we be successful, just that we be faithful.  (St. Teresa of Calcutta)

Christianity has died many times and risen again; for it had a God who knew the way out of the grave.  (G.K. Chesterton)

O Divine Saviour, transform me into Yourself. May my hands be the hands of Jesus. Grant that every faculty of my body may serve only to glorify You.  ( Saint Jean-Gabriel Perboyre )

Holy Spirit, inner light, you shine in the happy days as well as in the times in our life when we undergo trials. And when the daylight seems to disappear, your presence remains.  ( Taize )

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: It takes more courage to reveal insecurities than to hide them, more strength to relate to people than to dominate them, more “manhood” to abide by thought-out principles rather than blind reflex. Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles and an immature mind.  ( Alex Karras )

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.  ( Ralph Waldo Emerson )

YOUCAT: (Question 323)  How can the individual be integrated into society in such a way that he nevertheless can develop freely?  The individual can develop freely in society if the “principle of subsidiarity” is observed.

THE POPE: After seeing the nets on the point of breaking, Peter throws himself at the feet of Jesus saying, “Depart from me Lord, I am a sinful man.” This is the first decisive step of Peter along the path of discipleship, of the disciple of Jesus, accusing himself: “I am a sinner.” This is Peter's first step; and also the first step for each one of us. If you want to go forward in the spiritual life, in the life of Jesus, serving Jesus, following Jesus must be this accusing oneself: without accusing oneself you cannot walk in the Christian life. When Peter said to Jesus, “Depart from me, a sinner” he really felt himself to be a sinner, and then he felt himself to be saved.

GIGGLESWICK:  What did one ocean say to the other?  Nothing, it just waved!!

MISSION BOXES: Please bring your Mission Boxes in for emptying. If you want a visit, please see Cath Jones.

TERRY EDWARDS: Thanks to the people who are offering to bring Terry to Mass. We are looking into the Health and Safety implications of this. I go to see Terry every Thursday and I know others are visiting him as well. He is very grateful for your visits. I also visit Madeleine Shaw every couple of weeks. She is usually asleep, but that does not matter. She has done a lot for the Parish in the past, is still a parishioner, as far as I am concerned, and so should be visited by the Parish Priest.

HARVEST MASS: Please make some cakes which should be brought to church on Sunday 30th. September. The proceeds this year will go to the MacMillan Nurses. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: Holy Mass on Sunday 21st. October will be at NINE FIFTEEN, so that Fr. Ball has plenty of time to get back to Sacred Heart for his own Parish Mass. One weekend only.

NEW PARISHIONERS:  If you pay Tax, we ask that you Gift Aid your weekly Collection. See Kath Clemson; she has all the information at her fingertips. If you are making your Will remember to leave something to the Parish. If you have already made a Will, it can be changed!!

SPECIAL THANKS: We are lucky to have some very zealous young children in the parish who love to take the Collection, pick up the Missalettes at the end of Mass and also read at Mass. May I thank them on our behalf.

A PRAYER: Lord, we stand before your presence. Look in mercy upon us poor, weak children, who do not know where

to turn unless you help us with your mighty hand. We trust in you. You will help us, you will always be with us, and even in hard times you will accomplish your will for what is good. Bless us today as we gather to hear your Word. May your Word always be our strength and joy. Your Word gives victory in us and in the whole world so that your will may be done on earth as in heaven.  (Christophe Friedrich Blumhardt)

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME:  Straight after Mass today. Can I respectfully ask people to leave the church as quickly as possible, so that there is no delay in starting the Session. Your understanding is much appreciated. Thank you.

CHORLEY FOOD BANK:  Please keep supporting this important Charity.

PRESTON REFUGE:  Again, please support with good-as-new children's clothing.

CAR PARKING IN BURY LANE DURING THE SCHOOL WEEK:  We had an incident a week last Friday when a double-decker bus just could not get up the Lane because of bad parental parking. We are investigating extending the double Yellow Lines on the Calder Road side of Bury Lane to stop people parking on both sides of the Lane going from the school gates towards St. Paul's.  One car was even parked completely on the pavement!!  Please exercise care and consideration, and please slow down as you approach the school gates. Some of the driving is bad!! 5 mph. in the church grounds please.

Lately Deceased

  Chorley Food Bank (school hols)

Fr. Peter Charles Crowther, obl.sbso

01254 830 995

Email: moorlandsanctuary@gmail.com

Dcn. Simon Gilbertson - 01254 832 031  

Parish Administrator and Catechist: Jane Gilbertson, B.Ed. (Hons), B.Sc. (Hort), CTC.

Week 24 Year B   , 16th September 2018

Hand in hand with Jesus

17th. Sunday after Pentecost      Home Mission Sunday

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 “Will suffer greatly.”

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