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Jane's Corner

Dear Readers, Followers, Friends.

This has been a manic week return from Half-term. Full-on rehearsals for First Confession ( Friday 2.30pm.) and First Holy Communion (Saturday 8th. June). I have been able to have “rehearsals” every day thanks to Miss Harrison and the other members of Staff, without whose co-operation I could not have managed. In between, the first three days back at school were jam packed with Events......one being Chorley Sports Day on Wednesday 5th. June. Much thanks goes to Chorley Sports Organisation for Schools for their enthusiasm and fantastic control.

My Project ffor Year 6 and the local Geography-History-Environment takes off on Thursday. I can't wait, as I am back to my GCSE Fieldwork Practices and Mr. M who is helping us out, is a mine of information. I know now that the pupils will gain insight and realisation of past-present in the villages.

First Holy Communion Saturday...What can I say? The usual nerves. Everybody superbly dressed, yes, and that included the boys. Usual support from parents and friends, and the boys really did go to town in their suits, waist-coats and Brogue shoes. Gareth Southgate did a good job for waist-coats. The weather was rubbish, but it did nothing to dampen the spirits and the celebrations. It all went off very well and so that is it for another year, and I am in the process of composing the letters for the next Sacramental Programme in September!!

Fr. P had to make a quick exit because of his impending Eye Operation in Manchester at 12.30pm. But we got a grand group photo before his departure. On Sunday, in the sunshine, I managed to get the children grouped for more photos outside the church front door, which we could not do on Saturday because of the weather. We had a Parish Picnic after Mass on Sunday. The children came again in their First Communion Gear and were formerly introduced to the Parishioners. The parents brought all the food and it was a fabulous end to the weekend, although I am sure that many other celebrations took place.

So the manic weekend went on. Fr. P arrived back with a list of instructions from his Surgeon; twelve eye drops per day spaced out. We have drops upstairs and down stairs and even in the fridge!! We had the usual after Pentecost liturgical clear up, and we will leave the Holy Spirit banners up until after next Sunday which is the feast of the Blessed Trinity.

Next Thursday, 13th. June, I am Leader of  Part Two Field Work. The following Thursday we are all going up on the Moors to see the lost farms with Mr. M back as Guide. There was a separate community living up there which was unknown to many living below. Fr. Peter was talking to a one- hundred- year- old farmer not long before he died, and he had lived here all his life, but knew nothing of the Moors Community! Amazing.

I have my social calendar to arrange for the Summer as well; Scotland, the North-East and beautiful KL.

God bless you all.

Take good care of yourselves.

Love and prayers always.


Most weekends we have our young people helping with the Collection, collecting Missalettes at the end of Mass and taking part in the Offertory Procession. We try to alter our front of church Tableau each week to fit in with the Gospel of the Day, and a short explanation is given to the Congregation.  


People show great interest in what the Catechist does each week!. Our parish is a small country one, and through the Sunday Mass our little ones get to know each other before entering our school.

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