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Jane's Corner

Well Hello again!!

So that was Half-term over and done with. Our final Half of the last Term of the academic year commences, and that's another Year gone!! May I get straight to the high- light of our first week back; Sports Day, 7th. June. The sun was shining super brilliantly. The children were all masked in sun-cream and sun-hats; the parents and relatives were bedecked on the banking in deck chairs, on blankets, under sun-umbrellas... all eagerly supporting.

It was a totally different set-up this year as Chorley Schools Sports Group  (c/o Miss Harrison ) were managing/organising the whole Event. Suddenly a surprise arrival; a team of Year 8 pupils from Albany High, evidently linked to Chorley Sports. Well!! I take my hat off to ALL of them. The organisation of Events was superb and truly well structured, but I must go overboard to the Year 8 Albany High. Not only were they outstanding, but a real credit to their families and to their school. The inter-action, support and instruction was outstanding; they wowed our pupils and they showed maturity and prowess. I went to see them all when it was over, and introduced myself as a retired High School teacher and praised them, justifiably, to their faces (and teacher) of how proud I was of their conduct and discipline. That Year 8 Cohort will go far if they stay in such a manner. More than excellent!!

During the course of the morning a beautiful thing occurred. One of our Reception little boys, who has Cerebral Palsy and is in little leg splints, took part in the Early Years long distance run with his Helper Mrs. Fleming. He was given a handicap of 200 yards or so, and was obviously overtaken by the enthusiastic, competitive rest. Little Thomas was a guaranteed last, but the entire school stood up and cheered, hollered, and yelled him on (with Mrs. Fleming) to the end. It was such a memorable, emotional moment, and little Thomas just grinned. Bless him.

Back home to Number 16. The Torpedo Tadpoles are now Hoppers  -  overnight  -  and my back garden is like one of Moses' Ten Plagues. The bucket and watering can is now a fixed routine, relentless as the sun just blazes on. Let us not complain please after our long, dark, gloomy winter. I was in Fr. P's front garden today massacring an overgrown, half-dead Hebe Bush. He just left me to it! It really did need an overhaul, and all the new undergrowth will now romp away. As I was hacking away, I could hear one of our Summer migrant visitors consistently warbling away. Quite inspirational. The heady, sunny 'Dog Days' of Summer.

Happy Birthday to our Queen who has been an inspiration to the Nation since ascending to the throne in 1952. She is more than remarkable. A wonderful, wonderful lady. Prince Philip is 96+ now! Fr. P? Fast asleep after a light salad lunch. He does not like the hot, sticky nights either and obviously does not get much sleep. Yet he is in good health, believe me!

The NHS celebrates its 70th. Birthday too. There was a lovely Morning Service on Radio 4 from St. Bart's Hospital in London.

May you all have a safe week.  (Keep away from lakes, rivers and canals!!)

God bless.

Love and prayers.


Most weekends we have our young people helping with the Collection, collecting Missalettes at the end of Mass and taking part in the Offertory Procession. We try to alter our front of church Tableau each week to fit in with the Gospel of the Day, and a short explanation is given to the Congregation.  


People show great interest in what the Catechist does each week!. Our parish is a small country one, and through the Sunday Mass our little ones get to know each other before entering our school.

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