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Jane's Corner

Dear Friends and Followers.

Last week was one of those disruptive, got nothing done weeks, with the input of bitter, freezing

cold winds and the constant feeding of the wild birds. I am desperately trying not to whinge, but

it really was a testing time before Half-term and trying to maintain a 'routine.'

Where do I start? Nice things first. I had two phone calls from loved people; my neighbour Joan

in Adlington and out-of-the-blue my lovely friend Jilly M., whom I thought had dropped off the

planet. Jilly has had a terrible time, so our hour-long natter (as with Joan) filled in a few cracks.

Bunny from 2020 is back and is digging holes and burrows furuously in the school areas where I

used to sight him/her on my Lockdown patrols for security. Nothing has happened as yet in Fr.

P's back garden, but I wait avidly. Plus, before this Baltic Blast, the moles were beginning to

show their presence on the banking of the school field, but everything is now rock hard, frozen

and perished in our biting minus temps. wind.

The week of disruption began on Monday. Bless them In horribly cold but dry conditions, the

roofers came and were at last able to fulfill long term awaited jobs. In between whiles, my

favourite tree surgeon of last month arrived to assess and quote for the removal of another giant

Leylandii. As I discuss, our other team are scrambling in the loft of the Presbytery trying to

locate a leak and future repair.

On Tuesday Fr. P had a computer expert arrive to fix a problem which was driving us both mad.

He proved to be, on conversation, quite a character but left Fr. P brain-dead and stunned for the

remainder of the day. Now Fr.P is no fool as he has self-educated himself on quite a few issues

of computer technology, but the said gentleman really knew his stuff, and no doubt will be called

upon in the future. Bless!!

Wednesday saw the arrival of another team of tree surgeons for school. It was dry. Fr. P and I

went for a walk for some light relief from people cutting down trees! In the afternoon our Bursar

(Caz) and myself watched the men on a Silver Birch. They were like Gibbon Monkeys on the

branches. You wouldn't have got me doing that. I shuddered as I watched! Truthfully I was not a

happy person as they were working near the nesting roosts of my observed Blackbirds and


Half-term could not arrive fast enough; Friday 12th

. Fr. P did a major 6 hour Zoom on

Safeguarding and is now the proud owner of a Certificate. We had a special Mass for Our Lady

of Lourdes on 11th

. February, and on the same day one of my nephews was 21. My Brother Pat

sent me a photo of himself dressed in full attire for Wales as he watched the Six Nations Rugby

Tournament, and I am fighting with long locks of hair once more. Aren't we all! Fr. P gets Jan to

cut his!!

The evenings are getting brighter, and the Daffodils are showing buds despite the cold. Ash

Wednesday looms!! Another Season of Lent .

Love and prayers.

Take care and keep safe.


Most weekends we have our young people helping with the Collection, collecting Missalettes at the end of Mass and taking part in the Offertory Procession. We try to alter our front of church Tableau each week to fit in with the Gospel of the Day, and a short explanation is given to the Congregation.  

People show great interest in what the Catechist does each week!. Our parish is a small country one, and through the Sunday Mass our little ones get to know each other before entering our school.

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