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Jane's Corner

Hello Dear Friends!

Oh, here we go again. Up at 6.45am. and on to the car park to check for ice and/or snow, only to find out that I could have had an Olympic Ski Course on the wretched surface. By 7.45am.  (note – not even a cuppa yet, outrageous) the area was coned off and salt was liberally sprinkled on suspect surfaces where Fr. P treads, the gates were closed, ice notices were put up and then the telephone “cascade system” was put into action so that parishioners could be informed about the state of the car park and of 'no entry' to same! Then it was a quick dive into the shower and then into the kitchen for more domestic duties of a Sunday nature; roasting the chicken, preparing the vegetables and the potatoes and making up Fr. P's G&T which is his Sunday treat after taking Holy Communion to the sick after the 10.00am. Mass. Then it was back into the fresh air to greet disgruntled parishioners, who either trudged faithfully on foot over the icy wastelands of Brinscall and Withnell, or struggled to park on our cluttered Bury Lane. By 10.30am. the icy ravages had gone, making me look a right twit. Ah well, better safe than sorry.

Thank God sincerely, January is over. It seems to have been never-ending; long, drawn-out, dreary, gloomy, depressing, wet, cold........I have run out of descriptions, which I feel sure you could extend. I only pray that February is not a continuation. The manic “Galanthophile” has swung into action  -  watching, observing, recording our Snowdrop emergence. One zone of hope that Spring is on its way. The Big Garden Bird Watch was repeated in school, as it was a spectacular disaster for me, as you all know, and I must confess that my little friends in Class 2 were really good. Quiet, keen to note anything, and several showing genuine avian knowledge. Keep it up!!

On 31st. January Fr. P was 76  (77th. Year) and what started off as a quiet day turned out to be quite a celebration. As the weekend approached for St. Blaise, the dining room table was groaning with more chocolates and bottles. He is still wading his way through the Christmas stocks!! The same day/night was that of the Blue Blood Moon; an incredible event. Now, much as I love the celestial skies, I do not leave my snugly warm bed between 2.30-4.30am. to witness first hand this Spectacular.  Therefore I raced to the BBC News NW to see the recorded images, and I genuinely say, “Out of this world.” We then crashed into 1st. February, St. Bridgid's Feast Day, or as I know her, St. Bride. She was a very clever lady and a friend of St. Patrick. She is also known as Bridgid of Kildare. At Kildare she founded a double monastery of monks and nuns; the first women's monastic community in Ireland.

Half-term is on the horizon. School breaks on 9th. February for ten days. I must confess that Staff and children look washed out and ready for the Break. It has only been five weeks as a term, but the struggle with our weather, the viruses and the gloom have all taken their toll. I am off for a Break as well. I have loads of warm jumpers at the ready. During the week we have Valentine's Day, which this year is also Ash Wednesday. More cold, icy weather has also been predicted. Good grief!!

Nothing now folks until 4th. March when I will have lots to talk about.

Enjoy your well-earned rest and Pancake Tuesday.

Always let your parents/guardians know where you are and take a phone with you in case of emergencies.

God bless.

With love and prayers.


Most weekends we have our young people helping with the Collection, collecting Missalettes at the end of Mass and taking part in the Offertory Procession. We try to alter our front of church Tableau each week to fit in with the Gospel of the Day, and a short explanation is given to the Congregation.  


People show great interest in what the Catechist does each week!. Our parish is a small country one, and through the Sunday Mass our little ones get to know each other before entering our school.

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