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Jane's Corner

Hello Friends and Readers One and All!!

Last week is what I call a 'silly' week, as there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing. I learnt that my lovely friend Mrs. Porter from Class 2 was off work poorly, and so there were changes of plans right, left and centre so as to accommodate and welcome a delightful Supply Teacher, Mrs. Winslow. She is truly lovely and has settled down into our school with Class 2; marvellous! Thus I was able to return home early, accomplishing a 1001 undone jobs in Chorley, proving to be most satisfactory. Once ensconced in my bungalow, I was like a dervish (whatever they are; Mum used the expression frequently) cleaning, dusting, tidying, sorting out papers, making lists of what to buy/what to do; eventually to flop into bed, smugly exhausted at all my exertions.

I always make a point of going to the family grave once a week and then calling into my sister-in-law's Nursery for a natter and a giggle. We are getting quite excited actually, as my dear nephew Edward and his fiancee Sian have sent out their Wedding Invitations for August 2018, and plans are already a-foot for the Event. It will be a riot of a time; so many humorous people are attending already; I can't wait! Being one of those rare 2017 sunny, warm, autumnal days, I dutifully launched myself into the unkempt back garden for a grand 'tidy up.' It proved to be a seriously active day, when folk go mad when the sun shines. The pond was netted to keep out leaves, (with a peep-hole for the resident frog) plants trimmed, bedding plants removed, a bush hacked back as it was driving me mad; but no Sparrows. Normally my back garden is noisy with all their cheeky-chirpy quarrelling. I hate it when it is silent. I suspected our local female Sparrow-Hawk; to be confirmed by her visit two days later. She can decimate my colony....it was up to 24 plus Collared Doves.

Back to school on Wednesday to celebrate the Jewish Festival of Yom Kippur with the children and Staff. It was in another sunny afternoon, presided over by our Head Teacher, and to be perfectly honest I found it very touching. It linked in with my Sacramental Programme Confessional theme beautifully. No time to stand still! I went straight into church as the children filed back into school for lessons, to prepare for Sunday's Harvest Mass. The Tableau was done within an hour depicting vines and grapes and more grapes. I know from experience that the setting up of the fruit and veg. Display absorbs quite a portion of time.

Which takes me to Thursday. Oh, wow, what a day. It was the perfect Autumn day I had been waiting for, and so I was off on a long- needed walk. I took myself into Anglezarke, my favourite area, to search the colours of gold, bronze, oranges, reds, russets, butter-yellow, and I was NOT disappointed. I had the world to myself, witnessing glistening grasses, sparkling spider's webs, tweeting birds in the tree-tops, hunting out Spanish Chestnuts, Acorns and their cups, Hips' n' Haws for Mrs. Fenton's Class 1 Autumn Display Table. In the silence of falling leaves, I could feel, and did feel at one with the Lord, our Creator of our beautiful world. If only more people would appreciate it, or perhaps had the time to appreciate it. Life is so fast these days.

MacMillan Coffee Morning.....up at 5.00am. to be at school for 7.30am., to help Carol organise the hall. Fr. P watched the parents coming up the church drive bearing gifts of cakes in abundance. It was a tremendous turn-out with much generosity from all concerned. The morning was buzzing, especially with much-needed Gift Aid Donations. There was much raucous laughter from one particular table. Was it only coffee they were drinking!! Anyway, any unsold cakes were tightly sealed and stored in Fr. P's cold garage to supplement and augment our parish gifts for the Harvest Mass. We decided that all the money this year would go to the MacMillan Cancer Care. By the end of the weekend, the school and the parish raised the sum of £467 plus the Gift Aid to follow.

O dear me! Fr. P began a cold and rapidly deteriorated. He had a sleepless Friday night and was coughing all night. He looked rough. So as he snuffled his way through Saturday, I pottered around the church doing my stall of fruits and veg, wine, breads and other things. The 'Girls' Julie and Paula created a stupendous floral display. It was amazing. All the photos are on our Parish Website. Meanwhile, our adopted cat Tinkerbell and Monica, the cat from next door, decided to have a stand- off and an almighty scrap in the garden, as to who is the owner of the Estate. Tink is a lovely gentle cat, but gave Monica such a clout, and so was declared the winner!

Harvest Mass Day. “White Rabbits” as it is the first day of the month, and guess what? Rain. There are so many good people suffering from coughs, colds and splutters. However, the folks turned up for the annual Event, realised the Charity, and as previously mentioned, were extremely forthcoming; loads of notes which again were Gift  Aided. Thanks a million. So, there you are. Another twirl-around week! When will it end? Not yet. Fr. P snuffles on, poor soul. I am desperate to plant my bulbs (time is running out) and the gales persist off the Moors. Chin up everyone. Half-term is only three weeks away.  Lots of love, prayers and blessings.


Most weekends we have our young people helping with the Collection, collecting Missalettes at the end of Mass and taking part in the Offertory Procession. We try to alter our front of church Tableau each week to fit in with the Gospel of the Day, and a short explanation is given to the Congregation.  


People show great interest in what the Catechist does each week!. Our parish is a small country one, and through the Sunday Mass our little ones get to know each other before entering our school.

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